2019 Tasting Results

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2019 Design Results

Name of company entering the cider Design Agency Name of individual cider or product range Medal Category Sub Cateogry
Hawkes Cidery Robot Food Hawkes Core Range Gold & Supreme Champion Product range Repackaged
Winemaking Tasmania Denomination Black Devil Gold Individual product New
Pulpt Workbrands PULPT Gold Product range New
Crafty Nectar No.7 & No.8 Silver Product range New
The Apple Thief Ciders Fuze Box The Apple Thief Ciders Silver Product range Established
Thatchers Cider Company Thatchers Rosé Bronze Individual product New
Bembel-With-Care Care-Paket Bronze Product range Established
CUB Denomination Strongbow Blossom Rosé Bronze Individual product New
Everson's Cider Everson's Cloudy Cider Bronze Individual product Established
Aston Manor Cider Malvern Gold Bronze Individual product Repackaged
Bignose & Beardy Cockhaisy (Dry Cider 2017) Bronze Individual product Established
Winemaking Tasmania Denomination Blushing Lady Sparkling Fruit Fusion Bronze Individual product New