Welcome to the International Cider Challenge

The International Cider Challenge is designed to recognise the diversity and range of packaged products within this dynamic and growing category.

It is the ideal way to benchmark your cider against its competitors and enhance your customer base and stockists.

Ciders entered into the tasting categories will be blind tasted by an expert panel of independent judges and assessed according to their taste, appearance and aroma.

Medals and trophies will be awarded to the best ciders with the results published in Drinks Retailing News.

Another element to this prestigious competition is the design and packaging awards which recognise the best design within the cider sector. Our esteemed panel of judges assess each product against a set design brief and is scored on initial impact, originality, creativity, innovation and relevance to target market.

Nov 15 Open for entries
Jan 28 Warehouse Open
Mar 29 Entry Deadline
Apr 05 Bottle delivery deadline

Raise your brands' profile, prestige and credibility with retailers and consumers

Why Enter

Why enter the International Cider Challenge?

Being part of the ICC carries a number of significant benefits. It acknowledges the skill of the producers, and is an internationally recognised symbol of quality frequently displayed on bottle labels. Retailers, restaurateurs, bar owners and wholesalers are justifiably proud of the range of award winning ciders they carry. Drinks lists promote ICC award-winners directly to the consumer and can influence their buying decision. In short, a medal or trophy can help increase your sales!

  • Raise your brands’ profile, prestige and credibility with retailers and consumers
  • Demonstrate your commitment to product quality, innovation and new product development
  • Increase product sales
  • Boost awareness of your brand in the media via extensive editorial and press coverage in Drinks Retailing News and its industry-leading media partners
  • Be tasted by renowned international industry judges
  • Use the ICC awards logo on packaging and as part of your own promotional plan
  • Discover how your brand stands up against its competitors in the eyes of our expert judges
  • Opportunity for medal-winning products to be available and tasted at an awards event

"It is my mission to celebrate this wonderful drink" 
Gabe Cook, Chairman


Gabe Cook
Taste Chairman

My name is Gabe and I am The Ciderologist. I have a passion for cider and perry which has enabled me to work across the cider industry for the last decade, in the UK, New Zealand and now all around the world.

I've worked for all sizes and types of cider maker, from a traditional farmhouse producer, all the way up to the world's largest. Along the way I've made cider, developed cider, advocated cider and judged at National and International cider competitions across the globe.  I've even presented a bottle of cider to the Queen. You could say I know my apples.

It is my mission to celebrate this wonderful drink, and to ensure that the drinks trade, and ultimately the consumer, is aware of the diversity and quality of cider and perry across the globe.

Lee Cook
Design & Packaging Chairman

As a founding partner of CookChick, Lee has 25 years’ experience in the branding and packaging sector.

After leaving Design Bridge as a Creative Director he and partner established CookChick in 2005 to specialise in brand creation & development within the premium drinks and beauty sectors.

Having worked on major re-designs for Gordon's Gin and Drambuie Whisky Liqueur, Lee is currently working with a number of artisan spirit, wine, craft beer & cider clients including Thatchers, Adnams, Concha Y Toro & Pernod Ricard.

Using his vast experience Lee is courageous yet pragmatic, intrepid but wise. He loves to challenge expectations to engage and inspire.